federation_agenda_minutes and attachments

Date Day Meeting Type Agenda Minutes
11/15/19 Friday Annual Budget Agenda  
11/15/19 Friday Membership Agenda  
11/01/19 Friday Board Agenda  
10/18/19 Friday Membership Agenda Draft
10/04/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
09/20/19 Friday Membership Agenda Approved
09/06/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
08/02/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
07/05/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
06/07/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
05/17/19 Friday Membership Agenda Approved
05/03/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
04/30/19 Tuesday Membership Agenda Approved
04/17/19 Wednesday Special Board Agenda Approved
04/05/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
03/29/19 Friday Annual Membership and Election Agenda Approved
03/29/19 Friday Organizational Agenda Approved
03/18/19 Monday Reconvene Special Membership Agenda Approved
03/04/19 Monday Special Membership Agenda Approved
03/01/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
02/19/19 Tuesday Special Board Agenda  Approved
02/15/19 Friday Membership Agenda Approved
02/01/19 Friday Board Agenda Approved
01/29/19 Tuesday Special Membership Agenda  Approved
01/18/19 Friday Special Board Agenda  Approved
01/18/19 Friday Membership Agenda  Approved
01/04/19 Friday Board Agenda  Approved
12/07/18 Friday Board Agenda  Approved
11/16/18 Friday Special Membership and Annual Budget Review Agenda  Draft
11/16/18 Friday Membership Agenda  Draft
11/02/18 Friday Board Agenda Approved
10/19/18 Friday Membership Agenda Approved
10/05/18 Friday Board Agenda Approved
09/21/18 Friday Membership Agenda  Approved
09/07/18 Friday Board Agenda  Approved

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